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The Organic Backyard Workshops

In 2010, COG PWW began delivering The Organic Backyard workshops to backyard and community gardeners throughout the region. With thanks to our local partners the Guelph Wellington Food Round Table and the Waterloo Region Community Garden Network, these workshops have become very popular. Over the next year we will be developing a part 2 to the workshop series, so stay tuned!


The Organic Backyard Guide

With input from local organic market gardeners, COG PWW produced a gardener-specific resource to support those who want to grow their own food organically. The Organic Backyard: A guide to applying organic farming practices to your home or community gardendelivers the tools & information for understanding and applying the principles and techniques of organic production to build healthy soils, grow healthy food, and achieve food independence and a healthier lifestyle in a small space.

Although coined The Organic Backyard, we are really talking to all growers of food on a small scale in an urban setting - at home, in community gardens, in schoolyards, parks, and reclaimed urban lands - it is our intention that every available space in our cities will become The Organic Backyard - and as many people as possible will be producing healthy food for themselves and their communities.


This resource is available as a free download or you can contact us for details on purchasing a printed and bound copy. This resource is also available at our workshops.


Sourcing Certified Organic Seed

Organic growing starts with certified organic or untreated seed, which admittedly can be a challenge to source sometimes when you are looking for a particular variety. COG PWW has sought to address this challenge by creating an online, searchable database of exclusively certified organic seed sources. Browse the catalogues of nearly 20 organic seed suppliers in one simple search at





"I had previously thought of organics as no pesticides but now I realize that
it is all about the dirt!"
- community gardener