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Feed The Bees

Feed The Bees

This spring and summer, COG wants your help feeding the bees. We are distributing 200 packages of organic, pollinator-friendly seeds around Ontario to be planted. Unfortunately at this time we no longer have seeds available to distribute, but there are other ways you can help us out across Canada:

  • Plant your own pollinator friendly garden. Talk to a local seed supplier to find out what native, pollinator friendly plants are best for your region, the more colour and variety, the better.
  • Build a bee or butterfly house following these simple steps
  • Send us pictures of your pollinator friendly flowers by e-mail to, on Facebook, or Instagram to enter our Photo Contest.
  • Download our Info Sheet for some Fun Facts about Pollinator Friendly Plants and planting guidelines for what we're using in Ontario this year.

Planting suggestions for Feed The Bees in 2015 in Ontario

New England Aster English Lavender Evening Primrose Indian Grass


Photo Contest

When your flowers are in bloom, send us a picture to enter our photo contest! We welcome photos of bee friendly initiatives across Canada to participate in the photo contest. Send us your address as well so we can add you to our map of bee friendly areas. This Photo Contest is open to all Canadian residents. 

Photo contest prize:

Contest closes September 30, 2015, the winner will be announced October 15. 


Check out our Neonicotinoids Fact Sheet.


Help COG help pollinators by donating today. 

This project is part of our “Ontario Bee Health Campaign” and is possible thanks to funding from the Sir Joseph Flavelle Foundation.