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Changes to the Canadian Organic Standards - an Essential Update

Canadian Organic Growers presents Changes to the Canadian Organic Standards - an Essential Update. To ensure operators, producers, processors, certifying bodies, and verification officers are up to date on the revisions, COG will be offering webinars this autumn.

The webinars are recommended for operators whose products are currently certified to the Canadian Organic Standards (COS), independent organic inspectors, and the personnel of certification bodies and conformity verification bodies who require a knowledge of the Canadian Organic Standard to carry out their work. These webinars may also beneficial to those interested  in maintaining a working knowledge of the COS. 

Presentations will be 45-60 minutes in length with 15 minutes for questions at the end.



UPDATE: WEBINARS will be offered again in November 2016. Stayed turned for more details and registration information.



DRAFT of the Organic Production Systems General principles and management standards

DRAFT of the Organic Production Systems  Permitted Substances Lists


Part One: Livestock Production

Info coming soon!

Presenter - Anne Macey

Anne Macey has been involved in the organic sector for over 30 years in many different roles. She has contributed as a writer and editor for several COG publications including the Organic Livestock Handbook, A Guide to Understanding the Canadian Organic Standards, and Living with Worms in Organic Sheep Production. Anne was also involved in compiling the Animal Welfare on Organic Farms Fact Sheets. In a past life in Ontario she operated  a small, mixed, organic farm and more recently has worked as an organic inspector in BC. Anne represents Canadian Organic Growers on the Canadian General Standards Board Organic Technical Committee and is the convenor of the Livestock Working Group.  


Part Two: Crop Production

Info coming soon!

Presenter - Maureen Bostock

Maureen Bostock farmed with her partner, Elizabeth, in northwest British Columbia for 10 years before establishing Sweet Meadow Farm in Balderson, ON, in 2002.  They grow certified organic vegetables on 7 acres for sale at the farm gate, local grocery stores and an organic distribution company in Ottawa and are expanding their production to include small grains and legumes. Maureen works part-time as an organic inspector.  She represents Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario to the Canadian General Standards Board Organic Technical Committee which oversees the changes to the Canadian Organic Standard.  Since 2014, Maureen has taken over the role of convenor of the PSL Crops Working Group and is the chair of the GMO Task Force. Maureen is the author of Canadian Organic Growers’ Practical Skills Handbook: Growing Potatoes Organically from Market Garden to Field Crop.  


Part Three: Preparation Including Processing

Info coming soon!

Presenter - Rochelle Eisen

Rochelle’s expertise is years of verification, agriculture extension and consulting work in and outside the organic sphere. She also works with Dr. Brenda Frick and Gunta Vitins under the banner of Resilient Solutions Consulting – “A diverse, skilled and experienced agri-business consulting team that influences positive change through an innovative and open minded approach.” Rochelle is a member of the CFIA’s Standards Interpretation Committee and was the convenor for the Preparation Working Group for the Canadian General Standards Board organic Technical Committee, and as co-convenor for the Agri/Aqua Integration exercise for this latest review. Last but not least, Rochelle is the current president of the Canadian Organic Growers.