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The resources of the library of Canadian Organic Growers are available to the Canadian public.

Books, articles, audio tapes, CDs, DVDs and magazines may be borrowed by mail, four items at a time, for 60 days. A postage-free return label is included with each shipment.

Our libary is entirely run by volunteers - please help keep this free, one-of-a-kind resource available for future generations by joining COG's membership and making a donation today!

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Title: The New Farm
Author: Preston, Brent
Status: checked out
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Since the library has grown to over 1200 titles, we are no longer providing printed catalogues. If you would like to browse by collection (a subject area such as soil, crops, pest management, farming, gardening, etc) rather than by the search facility above, please use the Collections Report.

The COG Online Lending Library database is only possible because of the efforts of some amazing volunteers. THANK YOU to Linda Gellner, Faith Phillips, Eric Campbell and Sheri Blaylock for well over a hundred volunteer hours of data entry, converting the old paper catalog to the online database. Thank you to Maryam Amiri Nezhad and Charles Bahia for their web programming help... And THANK YOU to Alex Honeywell for his tremendous efforts installing and maintaining the software.

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