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Links & Further Research

Relevant Links | National Standards in the News | Industry Resources

Relevant Links

AAFC – Organic Production

CFIA – Canada Organic Office

Department of Justice Canada – Organic Products Regulation

CGSB – Canadian General Standards Board

OFC – Organic Federation of Canada

CFIA - Questions and Answers on Organic Product Regulations

CGSB - FAQs on the Organic Production Systems Standards

Agri-Food Trade Service at AAFC - Organic Agriculture Standards Development in Canada

EcoCert Canada - Summer Newsletter

International Certification Services, Inc. - Canadian Organic Regime

Maritime Certified Organic Growers - Organic Standards

Oregon Tilth - Canadian Organic Regulations


National Standards in the News

Expect changes to organic standard: OMAFRA by Alberta Farmer Express, October 2008

Update on new Canada organic product regulation by Hugh Martin, ON Organic, OMAFRA, October 2008

Being "Canada Ready" by Matthew Holmes, Organic and Wellness News, OTA, September 2008

Organic: A brand you can trust? by Madeleine Greey, Today’s Parent, July 2008

Going organic: Growing demand, tougher regulationsby Peter Hadzipetros, CBC News, May 2008

Canadians want organic produce to be local and tested, survey finds by CBC News, May 2008

What is the meaning of organic?by Andrew Chung, Toronto Star, April 2008

Canada Introduces New Organic Certification by Market New Zealand, April 2008

Organic food gets stamp of approval by Laura Severs, Business Edge, October 2007

Government unveils new label for organic food products by Globe and Mail, July 2007

Organic regulations will benefit consumers: expertby Canada AM, June 2007

Farmers hope 'Canada organic' label will help them tap foreign markets by CBC News, June 2007

Regulation to Grow Confidence in Organics by Consensus Magazine, May 2007

An image backed by regulations by Allison Finnamore, Farm Credit Canada’s AgriSuccess Journal, May 2007

Organic Products Act Designed to Boost Province’s Growing Organics Sector by Government of Manitoba, April 2007

Organic certification loophole makes scams possible, farmer says by CBC News, February 2007

Manitoba Proposes Organic Products Act by Cattle Network, February 2007

Canada’s New Organic Regulations Expected to Boost Consumer Confidence by OTA, January 2007

Feds propose organic food certification regime by CBC News, September 2006

Ottawa to regulate and certify organic foods by Globe and Mail, September 2006

An Organic Regulation for Canada?by Paddy Doherty, The New Farm, January 2004

This is Organicsby Canadian Produce Marketing Association

Canada Organic Regulations by Oregon Tilth

Industry resources

Newsletters: Info-bio by OFC, starting May 2008

OFC Overview (PDF) by OFC

Canada Organic Regime: A Certified Choice by CFIA

History of 1996 – 1999 Voluntary standard by CGSB

Canada’s Organic Products Regulations (OPR) and Organic Standardsby OTA

Canadian Agri-value Interests in the Canadian Standards Strategyby Department of Western Diversification

Sustainable Development Strategy(Objective 2.2, Section 2.2.1) by DFAIT, 2007

News release: Canada’s New Government Certifies Organic Choice for Consumersby CFIA, July 2007

News release: New Regulations to Protect Canadian Consumers and Support Growth of Organic Products Industry by AAFC, December 2006

Strengths & Weaknesses in Organic Agriculture in Canadaby AAFC, December 2006

Final Comment on Canadian Regulation to CFIAby OTA November, 2006

Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Effects of Federal Regulation for Organic Productsby AAFC & CFIA, 2005

Newsletter: National Standard of Canada for Organic Agricultureby CGSB’s Calibre, Spring 2005

Media release: Leaders of the Canadian organic sector met with the Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to request that a regulation for organic food in Canada be established by Organic Regulatory Committee, April 2005

Interview: Director of CFIA’s Organic Production Task Forceby COG & OTA, January 2005

Organic Farming in Canada: An Overview (PDF) by Frederic Forge, Parliamentary Information and Research Service, October 2004

Press Release: Voluntary GMO Standard by Canada News Wire, April 2004

National Strategic Plan for the Canadian Organic Food and Farming Sector

by Canadian Organic Initiative of COABC, March 2002

Standards for Organic Agricultureby CGSB, June 1999