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About Canadian Organic Growers

Canadian Organic Growers (COG) is a national charitable organization (13014 0494 RR0001) with members in all regions of Canada. COG is connected to the regions through eight regional Chapters, four affiliated organizations, and to the international organic community through membership in the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

COG's membership is diverse and includes farmers, gardeners, processors, retailers, educators, policy-makers, and consumers. Not all COG members run certified organic operations, but they share a vision for a sustainable bioregionally-based organic food system. Our members believe that organic food production is the best choice for the health of consumers and producers, for the protection and enhancement of the environment, and for the sustainability of the food production system. In fact we believe that the survival of our country and even of the planet depends on it.


To lead local and national communities towards sustainable organic stewardship of land, food and fibre while respecting nature, upholding social justice and protecting natural resources.

COG Affirmations

COG works in:

  • All types of agriculture.
  • Communities and culture.
  • National governance of issues relating to agriculture.

COG serves:

  • Both farmers and market gardeners. Some will be organic already and others are contemplating transition to organic.
  • Consumers or anyone who is interested in feeding and clothing themselves and their families with healthy natural foods and fibers.
  • National and Regional organic organizations through representation, networking and sharing resources.
  • Government by informing and advocating for an organic perspective.

COG provides leadership in:

  • Environmental improvement linked to agriculture and market gardening.
  • Quality organic food production.
  • Conservation of non-renewable resources in agriculture and market gardening.
  • Sustaining local communities.
  • Providing and distributing information about organic production and distribution methods.
  • Connecting and engaging organic growers and consumers.
  • Promoting and informing consumers of all ages about organic value.
  • National advocacy for organic integrity to government and organizations.

COG pledges to work through:

  • Respect for the land and future of the earth.
  • Responsible and nurturing stewardship.
  • Respectful interactions based on integrity.
  • Modeling organic agriculture on nature.
  • Sustaining our bodies and minds with nutritious food.
  • Cultivating understanding through education.
  • Nurturing social justice & fair treatment of all.

COG's activities include:

Memberships can include The Canadian Organic Grower, COG's electronic e-news letter, use of library and chapter affiliation where applicable. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.


COG's Position Statement on Organics


COG welcomes and supports all whose goal is an ecologically sustainable food system, but also believes that the interests of the organic movement in Canada are best served by organic growers, suppliers, and processors uniting under the certification system and endorses the restriction of the use of the word ‘organic’ to those who are certified.

- Adopted April 2014